Survey of pedestrians infra at intersections: 2024

SPTM conducted a survey of pedestrian infrastructure at 103 intersections in Pune. This survey was conducted in March and April 2024, and focused on a) Road markings like zebras and stop lines and b) pedestrian signals. Key findings from this survey are as follows (a detailed report is attached.) Road markings: The condition of zebras […]

India’s First ‘Cycle Bus’!

India’s first Cycle Bus launched at Paranjape Vidyamandir! This initiative introduces the innovative concept of a ‘Cycle Bus,’ designed to enhance the safety and visibility of students cycling on Pune’s roads. A ‘Cycle Bus’ works like a school bus, but on bicycles. You ‘get on the bus’ by joining a group of cyclists riding together. […]

How many seconds to cross the road?

We started a series of videos that show how pedestrians are treated like dirt when programming the signals. This campaign will intensify in the days to come, leading to the Pedestrians’ Day 2023. Update!  (12-Oct-2023):  PMC and Traffic Police have agreed to address this issue, so we are pausing the video series for now. Update-2!  […]

Cycle stands in Kothrud

Safe and secure parking for bicycles is essential to promote their use. Under the Cycle Friendly Kothrud project, we installed 20 cycle stands in Kothrud with cooperation from PMC Road Dept. Some of these cycle stands are immediately flooded with bicycles!

‘पाऊल पुढे? – हात समोर!’ – Outreach

During summer, Zebi Zebra went around 24 public locations across Pune, to demonstrate the PPHS technique to people. We got some really fantastic response. We are pausing this activity for now, as the rains have started. Thorat Udyan, Kothrud SP College, Tilak Rd Vaishali, FC Rd We have also been conducting sessions with senior citizens’ […]

पाऊल पुढे? – हात समोर!

SPTM and CREDAI Pune Metro, in association with Pune Municipal Corporation and Pune Traffic Police launched this pedestrians’ safety campaign. Addl Municipal Commissioner Shri Vikasji Dhakne and Head of Pune RSP Shri Chandrakantji Raghatwan launched the video पाऊल पुढे? – हात समोर! on the occasion.  DCP (Traffic) Shri Vijaykumarji Magar was not able to attend […]

Accessible Crossings

Efforts by Pune Municipal Corporation’s Non-Motorized Transport Committee (of which SPTM is a member) to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to walk and cross resulted in PMC building a Mid-block crossing (MBC) on Shastri Road in Navi Peth last year. The modern design of this MBC enables people to cross the road without […]

World Bicycle Day 2022

Study of travel times in Pune On occasion of the World Bicycle Day (3rd June 2022), SPTM and Parisar jointly studied how long it takes to commute by cars and bicycles in Pune, during peak hours.  10 bicyclists and 7 car drivers participated in this study, and travelled a total of 64 km by bicycle […]

Cycle Friendly Kothrud!

27-May-2022 We organized an unusual cycle rally… to stress that bicyclists are an important part of traffic and life. People must see a lot of commuter cyclists on road, only then we will get the facilities we deserve! Participants joined in their daily attire, instead of shorts and neon T shirts. They also brought along […]

How good are the new footpaths?

Are people now walking on the footpath or are they still walking on the carrigeway? Although factors like benches and trees are important, people must walk on it if it is a good footpath! Some of the footpaths built in the last 4-5 years have created an impression that they have narrowed the carriageway. However, […]