Save Pune Traffic Movement

Cycle Friendly Kothrud!



We organized an unusual cycle rally... to stress that bicyclists are an important part of traffic and life. People must see a lot of commuter cyclists on road, only then we will get the facilities we deserve! Participants joined in their daily attire, instead of shorts and neon T shirts. They also brought along a small cloth bag, visited some shop, and bought something.



In late April, we took baseline counts of cycle usage in Kothrud area. The graphic on left shows the number of 'commuter' cyclists in one hour on various roads in Kothrud. On an average, you can see ~30 cyclists/ hr during 10-11 am, and ~45 during 6-7 pm. This does not include school students and recreational cyclists.


Happy to announce that SPTM is working on a project “Cycle Friendly Kothrud” to increase the use of bicycles for commuter trips in Kothrud. This project is supported by the Cummins India Foundation under CSR initiatives.

Learnings from this project can be used to increase the use of bicycles across the city.

Please keep following this page for periodic updates.