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How good are the new footpaths?

Are people now walking on the footpath or are they still walking on the carrigeway? Although factors like benches and trees are important, people must walk on it if it is a good footpath! Some of the footpaths built in the last 4-5 years have created an impression that they have narrowed the carriageway. However, in most cases, the footpath has simply been widened only up to the region that was anyway occupied by pedestrians!

As a result, even drivers have benefitted from these footpaths because pedestrians not walking on the carriageway has reduced the stress of driving.

So we decided to see what percentage of people walk on the footpaths, and here is what we found!

Footpath Where % of pedestrians on footpath
F1 Between Parihar Chowk and Bremen Circle 98%
F2 Law College Road, near Film Institute 100%
F3 Jangli Maharaj Rd, near Hotel Subhadra 100%
F4* Shahu College Rd, near BSNL office* 0%
F5 Market Yard Rd, opposite Mafco bus stop 100%
F6* Rasta Peth, near Power House bus stop* 17%
F7 Shivarkar Garden Rd, near Vishal Mega Mart 39%

* F4 and F6 are not among the newly designed footpaths. This shows that the new footpaths are indeed working to a large extent!