Mission 10vi Pass


We have put this campaign on hold for now. Although Traffic Police and PMC officials liked and supported this campaign, they never "owned up" the campaign as their own. It was not possible to run the campaign in that state. The PMC Commissioner and DCP-Traffic also changed in 2011. Instead of starting the campaign all over again, we have decided to put it on hold. We hope to revive it sometime soon.

SPTM launched "Mission 10vi pass" with an objective of significantly improving the traffic discipline of the city. When the mission is complete, traffic discipline in Pune should be significantly better than any other city in India. People should feel like telling their friends visiting Pune, "Will you be driving there? Remember, they drive differently in Pune!"

Mission in a nutshell

Nothing can be achieved without a plan. We (the Pune city as a whole) do not have a plan for improving the traffic discipline. This mission puts such a plan in place.

And of course, this plan should be endorsed by various entities from the city. This will include government bodies as well as citizen bodies.

A root cause of many problems plaguing the city is also a feeling among the citizens that we cannot fix any problems. Therefore this mission will first create a ray of hope by starting with rather small & trivial traffic rules.

Plan in a nutshell

  1. Start with the rule "at red signal, vehicles must stop before the stop line." Traffic police will start enforcing this rule after media ensures that Pune is aware of the rule and impending strict enforcement. PMC will support by ensuring that stop lines and zebras are painted at all signals.
  2. Various citizen entities will ensure that the message reaches the entire city.
  3. After a very high level of compliance is reached, move to a slightly advanced rule.


The 10 Rules (commandments?)

  1. At red signal, stop before stop line (stopping before zebra stripes is not enough).
  2. You cannot take a left turn when the signal is red. (This rule exists all over India.)
  3. 1-way, no entry rules. No driving on wrong side & also on footpaths, including for just a few feet while turning right or to escape traffic jam as many people do.
  4. Do not use mobile while driving, not even in hands free mode.
  5. Do not cut corners while turning right.
  6. Honour zebra stripes even at places without signals. Pedestrians have a right of way at zebras.
  7. Must use directional blinkers or hand signals before turning.
  8. Correct use of headlights: must use headlight after sunset/ before sunrise, never use high beam (upper) in city.
  9. Use correct lane for turning, beginning with signals.
  10. Parking rules, including: a) No parking on footpaths, b) do not seat a "driver" in the driver's seat when the vehicle stands in a no parking area.