WHY?: The Purpose of PTORT

Pune traffic is a Chaos. It is mismanaged, unsafe and unpredictable. But what is the root cause of this chaos on roads? It is the Chaos behind this Chaos on roads: Chaos in actions (implementation, enforcement), Chaos in planning and Chaos in even understanding. Citizens contribute handsomely to this chaos by being irresponsible on roads.

Every year hundreds of Crores of funds are wasted for implementing wrong projects or for implementing right projects in a wrong way. Precious time is being wasted by not taking the right actions which should have been taken long back. Comprehensive mobility plan of Pune was prepared by PMC in 2008. It took PMC 4 years to approve it! It needs to be converted into a project plan and implemented. But what gets done are assorted actions without any goals. If this situation continues, it is highly likely to go beyond the brink and will be exceedingly difficult to bring it back in control.

Unless there is a definition of what is ‘Right’ for Pune traffic at a macro and micro level and there are time-bound goals to implement them, we cannot expect a systematic progress.

Hence the campaign ‘Pune Traffic on Right Track….by 201?’ with the core aim of forcing the definition of what is ‘Right’ and time-bound goals for implementing the actions.

‘Pune Traffic on Right Track… by 201?’ is a campaign to force the clarity and achieve freedom from Chaos (in Pune traffic)! This was launched on 15th August, 2013.  

Note: The ? in ‘201?’ is intentional and is kept as a glaring reminder for the city that, at present, there are no time-bound goals for resolving traffic problem.