SPTM Zebra Challenge

You follow traffic rules, but many don't.  And they get around scot-free.  That irks you, doesn't it?  Then take part in this initiative!  :)

Work with traffic police and have them fine people who don't even stop their vehicle before the stop line at a signal!

Objective of the initiative

  • Make drivers aware that they must stop their vehicles before the zebra and the stop line at signalled intersections.
  • And have traffic police fine the violators.

What will we do

This initiative is inspired by the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" :)

When you take up the challenge,

  • You take part in our "Zebra action" at least once in the next 4 weeks
  • ... and post your 'in action' photo on SPTM's Facebook page
  • Else you donate Rs. 500 to SPTM
  • In turn, you nominate 3 friends to take up the challenge

What is this "Zebra action"?

Our team works with traffic police officials in some locality and fixes a date-time-place.  Typically we will choose Saturday or Sunday, and an hour or so between 5-7 pm.  We have 2-3 volunteers with placards that urge drivers to stop before stop line while the signal is red.

We will be accompanied by traffic cops, who will fine people who blatantly violate this simple rule.

Want to take up this challenge?  Fill in the form below and keep the chain going!  :)


Shri Chandrashekhar Kolhatkar, Ninad Patil.


Kothrud: Satish Godse





15-Oct:  Initiative is flagged off.  Leaders are identified.