SPTM launches 'Yes! Drive' on the road!

Go ahead and start appreciating,
Those lone soldiers on the road,
Who are silently following traffic rules...
Tell them, they are not alone, 
Like you and I were, some time ago,
Make them aware that there is a unity of citizens, like them,
called SPTM!

SPTM launches 'Yes! Drive' on the road!

Do it alone - any day, anytime, anywhere!
Do it as a team: TBA

Print, Add your details, and photocopy as per the instructions,
Go ahead and appreciate the citizen on the road, for their responsible behavior !

For what to say while giving the card, refer instructions in the document. 

For queries, 
Connect  with Hemant on M 9422309626, h.gadgil@tcs.com
How to spot responsible lone soldier ?
1. Choose a chowk preferably having no traffic cop presence but have sufficient traffic control facility (like working signal, painted zebra etc).
2. Look for someone who is following rule on his own (like stopping at Stop line even though one has opportunity to move on to zebra or waiting for green signal on left turn with his left indicator blinking etc)
3. Look if someone is courteous to fellow citizens on road (like allowing peds to pass first, etc)