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About 325 people lose their lives in road accidents in Pune every year, and about 150 more die in Pimpri-Chinchwad.  This number is much higher than cities of similar size in developed, and even some developing countries.  SPTM has therefore launched a campaign for the year 2012, in which we will work with the municipal administration, traffic police as well as citizens to reduce the number of fatalities.

This is not just SPTM's campaign, but the city's campaign.  Any organization or individual is welcome to devise an activity around this theme and work on it.

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Can this be done?


Can we really save a hundred lives?  If so, how?

According to the information received from Pune Traffic Police, 460 people were killed in traffic accidents PMC + PCMC areas from 1-Apr-2010 to 31-Mar-2011.  The breakup of fatalities is as follows:

Sr No Road user group Fatalities
1 2-wh riders 235
2 Pedestrians 149
3 4-wh occupants 20
4 Cyclists 16
5 3-wh riders 13
6 Bus drivers, passengers 6
7 Others 21

A breakup of the first two categories (2-wheeler riders and pedestrians) reveals the following:

1. 2-wheeler fatalities:

Collisions with 4-wheelers (58), with heavy vehicles (110), slipped/ collided with tree/ pole/ vehicle ahead etc (50) resulted in 218 fatalities.

While it is found that about 12% of all 2-wheeler riders wear a helmet, only 3 of the 235 killed were wearing one.  Thus it can be calculated that the chances of survival in an accident are about 90% or more if you are wearing a helmet.

2. Pedestrian fatalities:

76 died while crossing a road.  Rash and speeding vehicles killed 51 more pedestrians.

This analysis suggests that if actions are taken under the following 4 solution heads, a large number of lives can be saved:

  • S1. Convincing 2-wh riders to wear helmets and enforcing the rule can substantially increase the number of people wearing them.  This can easily save 100-125 lives out of the 225-250 lives lost.
  • S2. Providing excellent pedestrian crossing facilities could save a large number of around 75 lives lost annually.  We could put the number at 30-40.
  • S3. Analysis of accident data would reveal accident prone spots and stretches of roads.  Site specific measures could save about 10-15 lives.
  • S4. A "safety first" atmosphere in the city can save about 20-30 fatalities caused by rash, speeding vehicles.  Such an environment can be created by a professionally managed campaign.

These numbers add up to 160 to 200.  The only question is whether anything can really be done under the 4 solution heads suggested above!  We think we can, and we are planning several activities under the following activity groups (AG):

Activity Group - 2-wheelers (AG-2):

  • Making celebrity-endorsed helmets available at discount.
  • Colleges, companies could force their students, employees to wear helmets if they want to park their bikes inside the premises.
  • Enforcing helmets, after creating the right environment.

Activity Group - Pedestrians (AG-P):

  • Getting bright zebras, stop lines painted.
  • Getting working pedestrian signals installed at all chowks.

Activity Group - Analysis (AG-A):

  • A detailed analysis of accident data to reveal accident hot spots and specific measures that need to be taken.
  • Working with traffic police and PMC+PCMC for site specific improvements.
  • Revamping Pune's signal system as per the proposal given to PMC.

Activity Group - Campaign (AG-C):

  • A large, professionally managed, "in your face" campaign that continuously harps on safety in traffic.
    A live mascot at traffic signals.
  • Hoardings that act as "Pune's Traffic Fatality Scoreboard".
  • Publishing articles and success stories in newspapers.
  • Quiz competitions in colleges, with celebrity-endorsed helmets as prizes.

Most of these activities will run throughout the year 2012.  The list above is only indicative and not exhaustive.  New ideas are coming up every day!

SPTM believes that all this can be done if all of us want to.  Although some of the actions listed above depend on officials, together we can get them done if we want to, can't we?

Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad's annual traffic accident fatality rate can be brought down by at least 100 with targeted activities under the four activity groups described above and woven in a large campaign - not "our" campaign, but the city's campaign...

"Save 100 Lives!"