"On Road" with Traffic Police

"On Road" activity with traffic police

1. Why 2. Objectives 3. Who 4. How
5. What 6. Do-s and don't-s 7. Contacts


SPTM wants to resolve local issues, help traffic police to improve their efficiency by suggesting them better processes etc.

Needless to say, they will consider our suggestions much more favourably if they are aware that we know the situation on ground and if we, as an organization, have a close rapport with them. The "Traffic Police Mitra" scheme gives us an opportunity to develop this rapport.


Therefore, the objectives of this activity are:


  • Developing close rapport with local traffic police by working with them on roads.
  • Resolve local traffic issues by giving suggestions and follow-up with police and PMC.



This activity is open to all SPTM members, not only to Police Mitras. However, we expect registered and potential Police Mitras to focus on this activity.

Every hour you spend with traffic police on road helps SPTM leaders devise further action. We have identified team leaders in some areas. More leaders may be identified soon. Please contact the leader in your area by email/ phone so that our efforts are streamlined.


Please see the table of local team leaders, identify your local SPTM team leader and contact him. If your locality is not listed, contact the overall leader of this activity, viz. Nitin Khamamkar.

Initially the Team Leader and the team will meet Peter/ Mike at the local traffic police station for introduction and exchange contact numbers.


  • They agree on a process of who should contact whom for setting up place and time for on-road activity.
  • Decide the place & time of the activity as per the process and coordinate with police and other SPTM team members.
  • If there is a city wide action on a particular day/time, it will be intimated separately well in advance.
  • SPTM volunteers should spend as much time as possible on-road in this activity: Preferably at least once a week, but if that is not possible then at least two times a month. Please try to spend at least half of your time on weekdays.



SPTM members:

  • Counselling citizens who are caught by the police while breaking rules.
  • Appreciating a person who is clearly seen to be following traffic rules by giving him/her SPTM "Yes! Drive" card.
  • Doing actual traffic regulation when we see a traffic jam and also when police request help at the time of special events.
  • Identifying local traffic issues, discussing first with the team leader and then with police.

Additional task for team leader:

  • Represent SPTM in local vahtook sallagar samiti/ depute another team member in your absence.

Do not forget to log your efforts by filling in this form whenever you spend time for this activity.


Do-s and don't-s



  • Our first, interim goal is to build rapport with police staff. Do interactions in a friendly & smiling manner.
  • Stay away from road rage at any cost. Protect yourself and also SPTM's name.
  • Understand & appreciate issues they face, though you don't have to agree with everything.
  • Our primary role is to counsel citizens who are caught breaking rules.
  • If police staff is having problem in managing traffic e.g. if there is a jam, do help them in managing/regulating traffic. (But don't get into doing their job in normal situations, including normal, everyday traffic jams.)




  • Don't give a feeling to the Police staff that we are monitoring them.
  • Don't get into any argument or fight with any citizen. If someone gets violent or abusive, choose to keep quiet or leave. Protect yourself and also SPTM's name.
  • However, don't remain a silent spectator for "normal" cases. If you think a particular violator is otherwise a nice person, it is ok to go to him/ her and talk gently, to make sure the person knows why s/he was fined.
  • Don't get into any kind of financial dealing with the police staff.
  • If there is/are any media people, do not talk to them other than saying that you are from SPTM and we help traffic police time to time. If they have more questions, request them to talk to Nitin Khamamkar (9860092998).



Team leaders:

Division Name Mobile Email
Overall Leader Mr. Nitin Khamamkar 9860092998 nitin.khamamkar@savepunetraffic.org
Aundh Mr. Sujoy Bose 9881337848 sbose7111@gmail.com
Hinjewadi Mr. Mayur Bhave 9881978412 bhave@ugs.com
Kalyaninagar/ Koregaon Park Mr. Rajeev Dhiman 9423862848 rajeev_dhiman22@yahoo.co.in
Kothrud Mr. C.K. Kolhatkar 9422008433 ckkolhatkar@gmail.com
Sadashiv Peth Mr. Akshay Shah 9028900938 akshaykshah27@gmail.com
Sahakar Nagar/Dattawadi/Swargate Mr. Vivek Bhate 9850984482 vivek.bhate@gmail.com
Shaniwar Peth Mr. Devdatta Ghanekar 9823338620 cooldevdutt@gmail.com



Traffic Police control room: 020 26123520, 020 26126296.