Our new approach for

'Pune Traffic On Right Track....by 201?

freedom from Chaos!

Traffic is a MEGA problem for the city of Pune & PCMC. Many actions, each costing HUGE amount, are implemented by the governing authorities with the objective of improving traffic. However, as years and years pass by, we can’t say that the situation has improved on any front.

If we have to make a very significant time-bound improvement, we must adopt an ‘ICU’ approach as given below:



What should be the approach Approach at present and examples
I :

Current approach: Non-integrated, Assorted

(1) At Swargate, multi-modal terminal has been recommended by CMP (Comprehensive Mobility Plan of PMC). However, PMC has pushed ahead with the implementation of flyover at Swargate, but haven’t even thought of an integrated design of flyover with multi-modal terminal. Construction of flyover may adversely impact the design of multi-modal terminal at the same place.
(2) Large no. of Cameras were installed at chowks to catch traffic violations. But there was no integrated collaboration between PMC and Traffic Police department to make sure this would be an effective scheme end-to-end.

Comprehensive (plan, strategy, goals),

Compliant (with NUTP, with CMP, with defined professional processes)

Current approach: Piecemeal, Non-comprehensive…and Non-compliant

Today what we see is the implementation of assorted actions on a piecemeal basis, instead of comprehensive approach in sync with pre-defined long term & short term goals, detailed plan and a strategy.
Current approach is also not compliant with NUTP (National Urban Transport Policy) as well as CMP (Comprehensive Mobility Plan).

1. PMC has pushed ahead with implementation of flyover at Swargate without any alternative analysis, impact analysis, cost benefit analysis and several important steps which should be part of PMC’s defined process which will ensure compliance with NUTP and guidelines of MoUD. But does PMC have any such documented process? It just directly jumps to the decision of implementing a mega flyover based on an outdated study. The whole approach is vehicle centric, instead of people centric as recommended by NUTP. CMP also clearly states: “Any potential grade separation at Swargate junction must consider the alternative modes of public transport and inter-modal terminal”. But PMC does not follow that.

2. PTP do not seem to have comprehensive approach with a plan and strategy to achieve significant improvement in traffic discipline and to make traffic safe. They only seem to carry out assorted drives from time to time.

3. RTO does not seem to have any plan and strategy to ensure that only the people with proper knowledge and skills get driving licenses. In India we hardly ever meet a person who failed driving license test.

Urgent : There should be a sense of Urgency, to implement planned Goals
Current approach: Total absence of any Goals and Total lack of any sense of Urgency .
* Why did it take PMC four years to approve the CMP?
* Why does it take years to appoint full time CMD for PMPML or implement route-rationalization recommended by ITDP?
* Why does the State Government keep sleeping for years on extremely crucial actions & proposals and the committees, if formed, don’t meet for years?



In fact, if the correct ‘ICU’ approach, as suggested above, is not followed, Pune traffic and hence the city itself will go to the wrong ‘ICU’: Intensive Care Unit. It is already on the way! ?

Absence of this correct approach shows a complete chaos in the system: Chaos in thinking, chaos in strategic planning leading to chaotic actions, and not surprisingly, it results in Chaos on roads!

On this 15th August, we the citizens of Pune, are raising our voice for achieving

‘freedom from Chaos!’
(with a focus on chaos related to traffic)
To achieve the ‘freedom from Chaos’ in Pune traffic, we are initiating a campaign:
‘Traffic on Right Track…..by 201?


There are two steps in this initiative:

1.What is Right for Pune traffic?
We want governing authorities to define what is ‘Right’ (?????) for Pune traffic. This should of course follow the ‘ICU’ approach.  Please involve all your experts to define this at a Macro and Micro levels. It should state the goals you plan to meet and solutions which you propose to implement in order to achieve those goals. 

Needless to say, the Goals should be in sync with the goals stated in CMP (Refer section 7.4 of the CMP:  ‘Goals/Performance Indicators for the CMP’), but you should explicitly state the Goals (such as the goal regarding the modal split i.e. what % of the traffic will be carried using the Bus system, what % using BRT / Metro etc and up to what % using private vehicles.) There can be some intermediate goals regarding the modal split and some long term goals. You should also define the ‘Right’ methodologies or process you will use to ensure that ‘Right’ solutions will be implemented in ‘Right’ ways to make sure that they are effective for Pune.
     It is not sufficient to point to CMP as what is Right. What is also critical is to plan how you will put CMP into action.. in what sequence, at macro and micro levels.
PMC and PMPML need to define the overall plan to get Public Transport, the most important component of the traffic system, on Right track. In particular, they must also define how they plan to get the basic Bus system run by PMPML, the most important part of the Public Transport, on Right Track.

Pune Traffic Police need to define their plan for enforcement and regulation, their mission and goals to make traffic safe and disciplined.

RTO need to define their plan to ensure that only the candidates having appropriate knowledge and skills only will get driving license through a rigorous testing process.

2. What is our time target?? 
This has 3 parts:
2-a) What is the target to define what is ‘Right’?
2-b) What is the target to freeze a time-bound plan (with milestones) to get there?
2-c) What is the target to reach the final destination…what are the targets for significant intermediate milestones?

2-a) Target to define what is ‘Right’
This is the target to achieve the definition of what is ‘Right’ for Pune traffic, in terms of the detailed plan with goals, strategies, policies and processes etc. Please see comments in the box below that express what this target should be.

2-b) What is the target to freeze a time-bound plan (with milestones) to get there?



We request you to give us the targets for the abovementioned steps 2-a and 2-b at the earliest, But we strongly suggest that these 2 steps should be completed much before the next Independence day: 15th August, 2014

Your target for the step 2-a should be 3 to 6 months from now, since the CMP has already done major work in that direction. So, the macro and micro detailing about ‘What is Right’ can start from there.

1 year is NOT a small period, we simply cannot afford to spend more time, since already several years have been wasted because of the Chaos and absence of RIGHT approach. However, you need to start earnestly to achieve this goal. We look forward to your earliest response and confirmation regarding this and the targets.



2-c) What is the target to reach the final destination…what are the targets for significant intermediate milestones?

The Step 2-b is expected to define a detailed implementation plan which should also define the individual milestones and the time targets for the same.

There will be time targets for different actions. Some of them will need to be done sequentially and some may be implemented in parallel. Considering all these, you will be able to arrive at the value of ‘?’ in ‘Pune Traffic on Right Track…..by 201?’, and that will be then the overall target for the city.  We MUST have few significant milestones before 2020, which would ensure that the Pune traffic is on a ‘Right’ track to meet challenges beyond 2020

You must involve the stakeholders i.e. the people of Pune, experts and NGOs to review the your definition of ‘Right’ and your time bound plans proactively to avoid problems later.

Unless we have the clear definition of what is Right for Pune traffic and unless we have time goals for them, we will continue to be slaves of the Chaos and hence the unsafe, unpredictable traffic in Pune.

Objective of this campaign is NOT to criticize. SPTM (Save Pune Traffic Movement) motivates citizens to be responsible on roads by choice always. We have several thousand members who have taken commitment to follow traffic rules. This reduces chaos on the roads by citizens. We will continue to do this.

We, the citizens of Pune, including NGOs, Organizations of various types, social clubs, Active & concerned citizens will cooperate with you in every way as long as you follow the correct ‘ICU’ approach, work for achieving ‘Traffic on Right Track….by 201?’ and actively work towards achieving freedom from Chaos. We request you to be transparent and proactively involve us, so that, together, we can ensure success by design and plan.

We plan to raise this demand with more and more intensity till these steps are achieved and actions start towards implementing the same.



Participating organizations:

(1) Save Pune Traffic Movement
(2) Nagarik Chetana Manch
(3) Margadarshak
(4) Margadarshak
(5) PCCDF (Pune City Connect & Development Foundation)
(6) DGPS (Deccan Gymkhana Parisar Samiti)
(7) Effectiveness Plus Plus

Eminent Citizens of Pune:

Shri. Mangesh Tendulkar

















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