Pune Bus Day: Counting vehicles

Counting vehicles from your video recording

Recommended procedure for counting the number of vehicles and reporting the count to SPTM:

  1. Open the recording in your media player.  Preferred players are Winamp and VLC, because simply pressing the space bar pauses/ resumes the replay.
  2. Keep 2-3 sheets of paper handy.
  3. Play the recording and pause it from time to time.
  4. Note the vehicles on the paper as follows:
  5. For every 2-wheeler, rickshaw, car, bus and cycle, write 2,3,4,b,c respectively.  Please note: We are counting cycles also.  Apart from PMPML, please also count minibuses, ST and company buses as a bus.
  6. Example: A group of vehicles with 3 cars, 8 two-wheelers, one rickshaw, one minibus and 2 cycles would be noted as "222b442232c2c42".
  7. Go on entering the numbers and letters till the end of the film.  Then count how many times you have typed 2,3,4 and b.  Enter the counts in this form to submit to SPTM.

Note:  We strongly recommend using paper sheets to note vehicles instead of an application like Notepad or MS Word.  Switching between windows takes much longer time, especially also considering that you need to pause the replay from time to time.

Thank you!