PTORT - Approach

A proper ‘ICU’ approach is a Must:

  • I: Integrated (current: Assorted, non-integrated)
  • C: Comprehensive, Compliant - with NUTP, CMP (current: piecemeal, non-compliant)
  • U: Urgency (current: No time goals)

Else, Traffic & Pune will go to wrong ICU: Intensive Care Unit!! It’s already on the way…
The campaign ‘Pune Traffic on Right Track… by 201?’ demands a correct ‘ICU’ approach as defined above. This is ‘How’ you should, rather, must do any activity such as planning and implementation of any project, enforcement and so on. Absence of this results in chaos. Many examples can be given which show that the current approach of the authorities is in contradiction to this correct approach.Read more about What is Right and What is Wrong.