Project related to Pune Bus Day

Measuring effect of Pune Bus Day on traffic density

SPTM is supporting the Pune Bus Day, 1st November 2012.  We look at the Pune Bus Day as a test scenario that demonstrates how the traffic in Pune would look like with many more buses on the road.

It is obvious that a quantitative demonstration of the difference made is necessary.  There are various parameters that can be measured, e.g. difference in pollution, time taken for the daily commute, congestion etc.

Out of these, SPTM is attempting to measure the traffic density on the road.  This is how we plan to measure it:

  • Choose a location on an arterial road, at least 100m away from any traffic signal.
  • Do a video recording of the traffic for 20 minutes.
    • Record the traffic from an angle perpendicular to the flow of vehicles.
  • Do the recording on two days: on 31st October and 1st November (Pune Bus Day).  Both recording should be done at exactly the same time of the day.
  • Replay the recording on your computer and count vehicles of various types and submit to SPTM as explained here.

Thanks and regards,

- SPTM team.