Pedestrians' Safety

There are three activities under this focus:

1) Getting zebra stripes painted from PMC

2) Getting pedestrian signals fixed from PMC and 3) Policy for safer pedestrian crossing facilities.


Getting zebra stripes fixed from PMC: Owners: Makarand Mhaiskar, Jayant Joshi.


Description: Get zebra stripes done properly from PMC, by following up both at the main office as well as with ward officers.

Status last updated on:14-Apr-2011.




Planned Details
Phase II (To be started after Phase I)
Phase I Follow up with Kulkarni regarding zebras at 36 chowks where signals are now fixed.
Done Details
13-Apr-2011 Submitted a list of 36 chowks to PMC (Sanjay Kulkarni), for getting zebras painted. Mr Kulkarni to follow up with Ward Officers and provide feedback.
23-Jan-2011 Team for ward offices: Abhijit Wadadekar (Karve Road), Madhuri Shinde and Shailesh Patankar (Bibwewadi).
09-Jan-2011 Started identifying team for follow up at PMC building as well as ward offices.
June-2010 Submitted a list of 8 chowks to Kulkarni, to get zebras painted.
June-2010 After a lot of follow up, PMC has assigned the task below to Shri Sanjay Kulkarni.
May-2010 Wrote to PMC Commissioner Shri Zagade that we want a single point of contact to get zebras painted through ward officers.




Getting pedestrian signals fixed from PMC: Owner: Prakash Sathe.


Description: Get pedestrian signals fixed from PMC, including providing sufficient time for pedestrians to cross.

Status last updated on: 27-Jun-2011.



Planned Details
Phase II There are 30 chowks in Phase II.
Phase I: Part A: 15-Jul-2011
Phase I: Part B: 31-Jul-2011
Phase I: Part C: 15-Aug-2011
In each part, PMC will increase pedestrian phase timing at about 12 chowks, after SPTM gets consent from traffic police.
Phase I Follow up with Pawar: Pedestrian signals at 36 chowks, for ped phase timing.
Done Details
Jun-2011 PMC increased pedestrian phase time at 4 chowks to 14 seconds. Chowks: University, Nal Stop, Khanduji Baba, Alka.
Mar-2011 A list of 30 chowks for Phase II is approved by DCP Patil, is sent to PMC.
Feb-2011 Ped signals at most of these 36 chowks are found working.
24-Jan-2011 PMC reported that signals at ~36 chowks are fixed. SPTM members verifying the chowks.
13-Dec-2010 Several pedestrian signals were not fixed :( PMC following up with the contractor.
22-Nov-2010 Pedestrian signals at 40 chowks reported fixed by PMC, need to verify.
14-Oct-2010 Work on phase 1 chowks as below begins.
29-Sep-2010 Selected 12 chowks for phase 1 to fix pedestrian signals.
July-2010 Submitted the list of 40 chowks to PMC (Bonala and Pophale).
June-2010 Discussed state of pedestrian signals with DCP Shri Patil.  Identified 40 chowks to fix pedestrian signals on priority.




Policy for safer pedestrian crossing facilities: Owner: Harshad Abhyankar.


Description: We have submitted a proposal to PMC to develop a policy for building safer pedestrian crossings. Follow up with PMC to make pedestrian crossing facilities safer, and to eventually develop a policy.

Status last updated on: 27-Jun-2011.



Planned Details
Jul-2011 Planning a proposal to revamp the signal system, to be submitted to PMC.
Done Details
Jun-2011 Decided to focus on improving the signal system first, then take up other parts of the proposal.
23-Jan-2011 Resurrecting the proposal. Team identified: Harshad, Jayant, Ganesh, Adish.
21-May-2009 A meeting was held alongwith several PMC officials, traffic police officers and representatives from other NGOs.
February-2009 The policy proposal was submitted to PMC.



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