Participatory Budget

Citizens' Participatory Budget


For the last 6 years, PMC has been providing a facility for citizens to suggest items to be included in PMC budget.  The objective of this facility is as follows-

PMC officials sometimes do not know/ cannot assess very local needs.  Citizens know such needs better.  The "participatory budget" facility provides a way for citizens to get such works included in PMC budget.

This facility is not for large projects that could impact the city.  It is for local issues.  Each PMC "prabhag" (two erstwhile electorate wards) is allotted Rs 50 lakh for this purpose.  Each suggested project should not exceed Rs 5 lakhs.

To make use of it, please do the following:

1. Write a mail to Harshad ( if you have some project in mind.  (This is just to make sure that you are suggesting something that has good chances of being approved.)  Examples of "traffic projects" are:

Traffic signals, footpath-cycle tracks (repair/ new), road signs, road markings (zebra, parking etc), street lights, shelters at bus stops etc.

Of course, you can always suggest some non-traffic project.

2. Download the participatory budget suggestion form.

3. Fill in the form and submit to your ward office.  Please inform Harshad when you submit the form, as he can try to track the progress through Janwani/ MCCIA.

Last date for submitting the form is 10th September 2012.  It will take some time for you to collect the data that needs to be provided, so please start as early as you can!

Needless to say, all suggestions will be scrutinized by a committee and only approved suggestions will find a place in the budget.