Parivartan - Results

Results of the "Parivartan" competition


Open Colleges Schools Special mention A note from judges

1st prize: Open (Team)

1st prize: Open (Model)

Dhanashri Khetmalis, Neha Unawane, Hemant Jagtap

Location: Junction at Pune Central Mall, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune


  • Conflicts between right turning and straight going vehicles (from Ganeshkhind to Shivajinagar)
  • Very wide road, difficult for pedestrians to cross
  • Geometric design of existing Junction.


A channelized ‘T’ Junction:

  • Protecting right lane as per IRC standards
  • Low height median for dual  purpose – as a divider for right lane and as a refuge for pedestrian crossing.
  • Fish island provision for safer right turn


2nd prize: Open (Team)

2nd prize: Open (Model)

Piyush Badgujar


  1. Signals in chowks with less traffic.
  2. Issues with public transport.
  3. Indiscipline.


  1. Roundabouts.
  2. Double decker buses, display maps and routes on buses.
  3. Detect signal jumping and take photos.

1st prize: Colleges(Team)

1st prize: Colleges(Model)

B.K.P.S college of architecture, Snehal Pakhare & team

Writeup about the model

2nd prize: Colleges(Team)

2nd prize: Colleges(Model)

B.K.P.S college of architecture, Maitreyee Kulkarni & team

 Writeup about the model

1st prize: Schools (Team)

1st prize: Schools (Model)

S.M.Joshi Hindi Madhyamik Vidyalaya

Writeup about the model

2nd prize: Schools (Team)

Sakshi Dhoot, Rutika Kulkarni, Anindita Deshmukh, Tanvi nagarkar

2nd prize: Schools (Model)

Symbiosis Secondary School


  1. Power failures at signals.
  2. Indiscipline.


  1. Solar panels for signals.
  2. Radar detection of signal jumping, information relayed to control room.

3rd prize: Schools (Team)

Maanas Kelkar

3rd prize: Schools (Model)

Abhinava Primary, English Medium


At Nal Stop, path of student cyclists intersects path of other vehicles, making them unsafe.


During school timings, a policeman holds other traffic for 10 seconds, so that students on cycles can safely cross over to the left side of the road.

Special mention (Team)

Special mention (Model)

Samutkarsha Prakalp, Kasturaba Vasahat

Writeup about the model

(Remaining writeups coming up shortly!)

A note from the judges about the competition

Judges: Smt Aneeta Gokhale-Benninger, Shri Ranjeet Gadgil, Smt Pranjali Deshpande-Agashe

About the entries

We were amazed by the sheer work put into the models, the detailing.  There were working models, write-ups, reports, photographs and more.


It was an exciting experience to judge the proposals by students on various transportation issues. Some of the participants came up with really good innovative solutions such as pedestrianization, cyclists priorities, use of Intelligent Transport System for road safety, expansion of railway network in the region, environment friendly solutions etc. It was wonderful to see that the current generation is sensitive towards sustainability and "streets for people, not for vehicles".


Efforts for addressing equitable distribution of road space by providing BRT with overtaking lanes, public spaces to complement vibrant streets in the winning entry are highly appreciable.

Innovative ITS solutions, research on the topic from various sources are highly commendable.



How did we rate the entries?

We scored models that chose solutions which were clearly focused on people, not vehicles. And those that considered the needs of ALL citizens, especially young and old, pedestrians, cyclists.


All the proposals were marked on the basis of sustainability, environment friendliness, ease in implementation, innovations, possibility of replication as well as percent of people benefited.

Simplicity of the solution, ease in implementation, safety of vulnerable road users and ease in adopting the same model for most of the intersections are main features of the winning entries.