SPTM demands 

Make Helmets Compulsory for two wheeler riders in Pune

Pune, September 7, 2012: ‘Save Pune Traffic Movement’ (SPTM), the movement of Pune citizens working with the mission of transforming Pune traffic, today demanded that the Helmets be made compulsory for 2-wheeler riders in Pune Metropolitan area.

SPTM has launched a campaign ‘Save 100 Lives!’ to systematically reduce the fatalities due to road accidents. 

Past data regarding annual fatalities due to road accidents shows that out of the total fatalities (more than 400), largest number of deaths is that of 2-wheeler riders (more than 200). Most of the victims are found to be not wearing helmets. Very small number lose lives despite wearing helmets. This clearly shows, Helmet increases safety of a 2 wheeler rider very significantly, though it does not give him/her 100% safety. So, it is prudent to wear a helmet while driving a 2-wh and still drive carefully.

Unfortunately, significant % of people do not wear helmet partly because of its inconveniences and more so due to the misunderstandings about it. But this leads to hundreds of families getting destroyed due to the deaths of 2-wh riders each year, which are more than even the aggregate deaths so far due to swine flu in Pune.

Hence, in order to avoid these hundreds of deaths, SPTM demands that the Helmets be made compulsory for 2-wh riders including pillion riders. SPTM suggests that the Police should give a final period (approx 2 months) and declare a specific final date, from which the helmet will be compulsory for 2-wheeler riders. SPTM also demands that every Policeman riding a two wheeler must wear a helmet and this should be accomplished immediately, on priority.  

This period will give a final time period to citizens to buy helmets. 

SPTM appeals all political parties to go beyond politics and team up for this cause of saving large number of lives and grievous injuries. Let us team up to remove the misunderstandings and encourage people to wear helmets. 

SPTM congratulates and supports the action started by PSA authorities in Pune cantonment area. 


SPTM has appealed all citizens, organizations and parties of Pune to team up under the campaign 'Save 100 Lives!' and exceed the first target of 100.