Make chowks safer

Make chowks safer

We are resuming our "on road" activities after a long hiatus!

As a part of "Save 100 Lives!", we are working with traffic police and PMC to reduce fatalities of pedestrians.  The "Make chowks safer" activity includes the following steps:

  1. Go to a chowk at a time convenient to you and when the signals are working.
  2. Examine the status of the zebras and pedestrian signals.
  3. The traffic police staff is urged to register complaints about pedestrian signals that are not installed/ not working.
  4. Fill in the information regarding the status of zebras and pedestrian signals in the pedestrian safety inspection form and convey to SPTM.
  5. The resulting "pedestrian safety rating" for the chowk will be updated.  These will be conveyed to PMC and also publiized in newspapers and other media.

The activity will cover all chowks in Pune, and will span over a few months.

If you want to take part in this activity, please fill in this form.