Help Save 100 Lives!

Help needed for "Save 100 Lives!" campaign

Right now we need help on the following fronts.  Please see if you can participate in any of the following.
(Typical effort estimate is indicated in parenthesis).

a. (once a fortnight) Interact with your local ward office, on phone.
a1. (2-3 calls a week) Take lead and coordinate with other SPTM members in your area who choose the option above.
b. (once a month or so) If you have a flair for writing in Marathi, if you can type in Unicode (Baraha) and have been with SPTM for a year or so, you can write articles in newspapers & magazines.
c. (once a fortnight) Visit 3-4 signals in your area, check their health and lodge a complaint on phone.
d. (once a fortnight) Interact with one media reporter and update him/ her on SPTM activities, on phone.
e. (once a week) If you can write simple HTML, update our website from time to time.
f. Make a donation to SPTM.
g. Seek a donaton from your company.

If you can participate in any of the above, please fill in this form.