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Pedestrians' safety is close to our heart! Intersections provide relatively safer places for pedestrians to cross a road... but only if vehicles stop before the stop line!

It is not as if most drivers do not know that they are supposed to stop their vehicle before the stopline. Yet, at least once in a while, they misjudge the amber signal, and end up stopping on the zebra stripes!

SPTM has prepared a video (in Marathi and English) that explain a simple trick, with which you will be able to stop your vehicle at the red signal before the stop line - safely, comfortably, every single time!

What's more- PMPML agreed to use the Marathi video to train their drivers, as they started resuming their duties as the lockdown eased.


Road markings like zebra stripes and stop lines, and pedestrian signals together make the most basic infrastructure pedestrians must have at siganl controlled intersections. Do intersections in Pune have this infrastructure?

In July 2020, SPTM conducted a survey of this infrastructure to assess whether intersections in Pune are safe for pedestrians.

We found that the road markings at intersections are rather OK, with Pune scoring 74% in our survey. However, the signals have a lot of room for improvement.

Read the Report on the survey of pedestrian infrastructure at intersections with signals in Pune in the "Publications" section.

Also see a visualization of the findings, which maps all 107 signals surveyed.


The Mayor of Pune, Shri Murlidhar Mohol, has formally constituted the "Pune Road Safety Committee" to streamline all activities related to the Pune Road Safety Campaign launched by the earlier Mayor Smt Mukta Tilak.

The first meeting of the Committee had to be postponed, and will now happen after the lockdown because of COVID-19 is over.

All vehicles must stop before the stop line. And PMPML buses should show this by example! If buses stop before stop line, smaller vehicles will follow suit.


Every driver knows that s/he is supposed to stop before the stop line when the signal turns red, but is not able to do so because nobody has taught us how to do this every time, without fail.

There is a technique for this, and you can stop before the stop line if you master this simple technique.

The Institute of Driving Training & Research (IDTR) conducts training session for PMPML drivers. They have now included training on this technique in their program. We conducted a "train the trainer" session at IDTR for their trainers.


How do you walk when walking along an undivided road? On the left side of the road or on the right? Which is safer?

SPTM conducted a study to understand whether people walk facing the vehicles or with vehicles coming from behind. Among other findings, we found about 59% men walk in an unsafe way!

Such studies help us objectively understand how severe a problem is.

Read the Report on study of walking habits of pedestrians in Pune in the "Publications" section.


Over the last 8 months, SPTM has been working mainly on the following tasks:

  1. Push for formation of the "Pune Road Safety Committee".  The Commitee has been approved by the General Body of PMC, and it should be formed very shortly.
  2. Work with Pune Traffic Police for an IT-based "Accident Reporting System".  With help from SPTM members and other NGOs, we have drafted its requirements and are working with a vendor that has also supplied a general incident reporting system to Pune Police.
  3. Training for PMPML drivers: The training session we have conceptualized for their drivers to be able to stop buses before stop line has been approved by PMPML CMD. Some approvals need to fall in place before we can conduct "Train the Trainer" sessions.
  4. PMC Budget for road safety initiatives: Through the NMT Committee of PMC, we have submitted some projects for allocating budget in the year 2020-21.


The Mayor of Pune, Smt Mukta Tilak, launched the "Pune Road Safety Campaign" on 28th February 2019. The campaign has a target of reducing the traffic crash fatalities in Pune by 50% in 5 years, with interim targets as follows:

  •  5% by end of 2019,
  • 15% by end of 2020,
  • 30% by end of 2021.

In the first phase, four government organizations, viz. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Pune Traffic Police (PTP), Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML) and the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) have announced the initiatives they will work on.

SPTM is leading a group of 5 NGOs (SPTM, Parisar, CEE, SRF, CDSA) who will coordinate the projects in this campaign.

The campaign will be expanded to include citizens, media, schools and colleges and private companies in due course of time.


Parivartan-2018- The competition was conducted successfully today, with enthusiastic and encouraging participation from schools, colleges and open category teams!


And here are the  Results of Parivartan-2018, with photos!


Safety sessions in schools Safety sessions in corporate


We have now put together a team of about 75 presenters for conducting road safety sessions in schools in Pune.

Most of them are from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce and Modern College of Arts and Commerce.  Now we are all set to schedule and conduct a large number of presentations.

But we are still looking for more - College students and officials, share our dream of making Pune a safe city!

Please fill in this form to join as a presenter:  http://bit.ly/we-all-have-a-dream

  • Attractive remuneration to presenters!
  • Certificates to presenters who do at least 6 presentations in 2016!




SPTM is looking for young presenters for conducting road safety sessions in schools in Pune.

(Click here for information on the sessions.)

College students and officials, share our dream of making Pune a safe city!

Please fill in this form to join as a presenter:  http://bit.ly/we-all-have-a-dream

  • Attractive remuneration to presenters!
  • Certificates to presenters who do at least 6 presentations in 2016!


A team of presenters will soon be ready for the road safety workshops in companies.

We are now calling for volunteers as presenters in schools - Let us catch them young!

Please support these initiatives - Safe you, safe me!

Donations to SPTM are now exempt under Section 80(G).


We have identified the following 3 projects on which work will start soon!

  • Parivartan - 2016: A model making competition
  • Road safety workshops in corporate and schools
  • Analysis of data on road traffic accidents in Pune


SPTM has decided to focus on traffic safety in Pune for a period of 3 years. Our upcoming initiatives will be focused only on improving safety on roads in Pune.


Cycle Rally under the "2015 ON CYCLES" initiative

Date: Sunday, 22nd February, Time: 7:30 am.

Route: Sambhaji Park - PMC - Court - RTO - Ruby Hall Clinic - Mangaldass Rd - North Main Rd - Kalyaninagar

Click here for details.


Updates on the 3 initiatives...

SPTM Zebra Challenge

The activity is conducted at Hutatma Rajguru/ Balgandharva chowks once a week for about 2 months now. DCP Awad has seen the action and has liked the approach. We hope his visit leads to a change in the way the traffic police work, improving their efficiency.


About 130 participants so far.

Persistent Systems is working with is to make their facility more cyclist friendly.

One more large company has shown interest in getting associated (name withheld for now...).

Reflective Tapes

About 3,000 tapes distributed so far, with help of various Rotary Clubs.


We have also launched the other 2 projects - SPTM Zebra Challenge and Reflective Tapes. Visit their respective pages for further details!


For the next 6 months, we will be focusing our efforts on the following 3 projects. We have launched "2015 ON CYCLES" today - watch this space for the other two!

SPTM Zebra Challenge

This project, inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, goes like this-

When you take up the challenge,

  • You take part in our "zebra action" at least once in the next 4 weeks
  • ... and post your 'in action' photo on SPTM's Facebook page
  • Else you donate Rs. 500 to SPTM
  • In turn, you nominate 3 friends to take up the challenge


Quite a few people in Pune cycle even today by choice: Whether to go to work, to run little errands or simply for fun and recreation. Let us unite 2015 such people by year 2015!

Through this unity, we-

  • Recognize their efforts
  • Encourage their employers to support them by providing proper parking facilities
  • Build a network and create demand for better cycling facilities in Pune

Reflective Tapes

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users in Pune.

Especially school students are the most vulnerable in evenings, because-

  • The light is fading
  • Traffic is high and people eager to go home
  • The students' shorter stature makes them less visible

We plan to provide reflective, self-adhesive tapes to 20,000 students to make them more easily visible on roads.


SPTM recently conducted a safety audit of Alandi Road BRT Corridor (Sangamwadi to Vishrantwadi stretch) in collaboration with PMPML Pravasi Manch. We found multiple issues in the audit. Full report below:

Alandi Road BRT Safety Audit


SPTM and Parisar published the "Citizens' Transportation Status Report" for Pune, for 2012-13. The report can be downloaded from http://tsrpune.wikispaces.com


What is this "NUTP" and "CMP"? / NUTP ??? CMP ?? ??? ????? ??? ?????

Pune city has a "Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP)", which is based on the "National Urban transport Policy (NUTP)" issued by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.  This booklet explains the fundamentals of NUTP and CMP in simple Marathi.  The booklet is very concise and can be read in 5-6 minutes!

Pune Traffic on Right Track....by 201?

Save 100 Lives!


The draft "Development Plan and DC Rules" for old Pune City limits includes many provisions and proposals which are detrimental to the city and can permanently damage the city. SPTM has studied proposals related to traffic and transportation. In order to protect the future of our city's transportation, it is imperative that all concerned citizens register their objections in writing with PMC.

You can simply download this file, edit suitably, take a printout and submit to PMC latest by 26th April 2013.

Act now to protect our city! This is absolutely worth taking a half day casual leave!

A poster for the competition



Results of the competition!




- A Model Making Competition and exhibition jointly organized by SPTM and Pune Traffic Police.

Date: 09-Mar-2013.

Make a model of a road or a chowk to show what exactly needs to be done to make the traffic at that road or chowk safer and smoother.

Categories: 1) Schools, 2) Colleges, 3) Open.
Registration form, rules & regulations, more information.


PMC had fixed pedestrian signals at the following 16 chowks in April/ May 2012, but many of them went bad quickly. SPTM has got PMC to fix them again and provide enough time in the signal cycle so that pedestrians can cross the road.

Mrityunjayeshwar, Hutatma Rajguru, Swatantrya, Rasashala, Yashwantrao Chavan Bridge, Shivaji Putala, Jijamata, Budhwar, Belbaug, Seva Sadan, Bal Shivaji, Sant Kabir, SP College, Chandralok, Gangadham, IB Bungalow.

We are going to add more and more chowks in this list, one after the other!


SPTM supports Pune Bus Day.
SPTM is going to conduct a project to measure the effect of putting all these additional buses on the road.


A report on SPTM's Pune Bus Day Survey.


Very soon SPTM and Rotary Club of Pune Shivajinagar are jointly going to launch a major program to improve children's safety. We intend to distribute reflective tapes to 50,000 school children from Pune. Affixing them on their backpacks, shoes, racket covers - or whatever they wear or use in late evenings - will help drivers see them better. We also hope that affixing such a tape on a child's item also tells the parents that they need to drive safely on roads!


SPTM Says: Helmets: Objections and SPTM's response.


Outcome of the Pedestrian safety inspections:
Chowks inspected: About 49.

Good: only 1 (Goodluck Chowk). Ok: 18. Poor: 30
PMC Average: 2.8 out of 10, Poor


From 3rd March, SPTM is starting a project to inspect pedestrian safety infrastructure at all signalled intersections in Pune, to make chowks safer.


SPTM has requested PMC to fix any pedestrian signals that are not working at the 26 chowks where a pedestrian phase of 16 seconds is provided. (See the item below, dated Dec-2011.)


The campaign Save 100 Lives! was launched in the presence of DCP-Traffic Shri Vishwas Pandhre.


After follow up from SPTM, PMC has now provided a "pedestrian phase" of 16 seconds at 26 chowks in Pune. Those signals with red-and-green human figures may not be working yet. We will be taking it up shortly.

The chowks are: 7 Loves, ABC, Bahirat Putala (PMC), Balgandharva, Bremen, Engg College, Ganjwe, Gunjan, Jahangir, Kalyani Nagar, Khanduji Baba, Koregaon Park, Kunte, Maldhakka, Nal Stop, Parnakuti, RTO, Sa Go Barve, Sawarkar Putala, Senadatta Chowki, Shahir Amarshekh, Shanipar, Simla Office, Swargate, University, Vetal Baba.


Save 100 Lives!

This will be SPTM's flagship campaign for 2012! We will work with PMC and Pune Traffic Police to identify accident hot spots and eliminate them so that some lives are saved. There will also be a lot of activities at citizens' level.



Proposal to improve Kothrud Depot junction


We have submitted a proposal to Kothrud traffic police division to improve the Kothrud Depot junction.


A proposal to revamp Pune's signal system.

The signal system we have has some inherent design flaws. There are flaws in the way the signal poles are located, U turns are allowed, timings for the signal cycles are determined, etc etc.

SPTM has identified 14 such flaws. Some of them could lead to some seriously hazardous situations. We have documented them all in this document.

We have submitted this document to the PMC Commissioner with a request to make a special budgetary allocation for 2012-13, because these flaws cannot be fixed as "maintenance issues". We need a special project to make our signals safer.


Form to note accident details

Always keep this form in your vehicle. In case you meet an accident, fill in all information you can, including information about the other party. Take the other party's signature if possible. Chances are bright that this will help you!