Save Pune Traffic Movement

Mission “10vi Pass”

Mission “10vi Pass” was a campaign to systematically improve traffic discipline in Pune.  It aims to enforce 10 basic traffic rules, one rule at a time, starting from the simplest ones.

It was inaugurated by DCP Mr Manoj Patil and renowned artist Shri Mangesh Tendulkar.

The 10 rules were:

  1. At red signal, stop before stop line (stopping before zebra stripes is not enough).
  2. There is no free left turn at signals (we will also have to tell people that this rule exists all over India).
  3. 1-way, no entry rules. No driving on wrong side, including “for just a few feet” while turning right as many people do.
  4. Do not use mobile while driving, not even in hands free mode.
  5. Do not cut corners while turning right.
  6. Honour zebra stripes even at places without signals. Pedestrians have a right of way at zebras.
  7. Must use directional blinkers or hand signals before turning.
  8. Correct use of headlights: must use headlight after sunset/ before sunrise, never use high beam (“upper”) in city.
  9. Use correct lane for turning, beginning with signals.
  10. Parking rules, including: a) No parking on footpaths, b) do not seat a “driver” in the driver’s seat when the vehicle stands in a no parking area.