PMC allocates budget for pedestrian signals

Pedestrian signals are a very important piece of infrastructure needed for crossing the roads safely. Our survey in 2020 has revealed that only 6% of such signals are working in Pune.Because of SPTM’s efforts, PMC has approved a sufficient amount in the 2021-22 budget to install pedestrian signals at all intersections in Pune. We have […]

How to stop your vehicle before the stop line?

Pedestrians’ safety is close to our heart! Intersections provide relatively safer places for pedestrians to cross a road… but only if vehicles stop before the stop line! It is not as if most drivers do not know that they are supposed to stop their vehicle before the stopline. Yet, at least once in a while, […]

Survey of pedestrian infra at intersections: 2020

Road markings like zebra stripes and stop lines, and pedestrian signals together make the most basic infrastructure pedestrians must have at signal controlled intersections. Do intersections in Pune have this infrastructure? In July 2020, SPTM conducted a survey of this infrastructure to assess whether intersections in Pune are safe for pedestrians. We found that the […]

SPTM’s role in forming Pune Road Safety Committee

Successful follow up from SPTM has resulted in the Mayor of Pune, Shri Murlidhar Mohol, formally constituting the “Pune Road Safety Committee” to streamline all activities related to the Pune Road Safety Campaign launched by the earlier Mayor Smt Mukta Tilak. The first meeting of the Committee had to be postponed, and will now happen […]

Survey of walking habits

How do you walk when walking along an undivided road? On the left side of the road or on the right? Which is safer? SPTM conducted a study to understand whether people walk facing the vehicles or with vehicles coming from behind. Among other findings, we found about 59% men walk in an unsafe way! […]