We all have a dream!

We all share the same dream.  Safe and disciplined traffic in Pune.  And there is perhaps only one way of getting there.

Everybody should imbibe safety and discipline in their blood.  Right from childhood.

SPTM is embarking on an ambitious mission of making sure that all children in Pune get this safety training very early in school.  Standard 4th, 5th.  That is the age at which we must catch them.

We are planning to do this in 100 schools in Pune this year.  And in every school in subsequent years.

We need presenters for these sessions.  Young, energytic.  Someone with whom the children can connect easily.

If you are in the age group 18-25 or so, and have a passion for making Pune safe, join us!

You will be expected to conduct at least two sessions every month during school hours. The "hot season" for this activity will be January and February, and then July, August and November, December.

And SPTM will pay you for that.  Really handsomely!

So all you cool dudes and dudettes - come one, come all, get your friends too!

For presenters
How to conduct
English pamphlet
Marathi pamphlet

Fill in this form to start.  We will get in touch with you soon.

This initiative is a part of the "Safe you, safe me!" project.


Log of sessions conducted so far

Date School Presenters        
22-Jan-16 Huzurpaga Vaibhavi Shirurkar Abhiskek Dahiwal Siddhi Shah Gaurav Joshi  
23-Aug-16 Modern School Pritam Mali Manorama Mane Rohit Rajendra Jadhav  
26-Aug-16 Muktangan (Eng Medium) Pritam Mali Manorama Mane Gaurav Joshi Shubham Rokde Trupti Pansare
29-Aug-16 Muktangan (Marathi Medium) Pritam Mali Manorama Mane Gaurav Joshi Trupti Pansare  
30-Aug-16 Pune Vidhyarthi Gruh (Marathi Medium) Manorama Mane Gaurav Joshi      
01-Sept-16 Saraswati Mandir Pritam Mali Trupti Pansare      
02-Sept-16 Modern High School Allen James Kirti Karvi Singh Khushi Khandelwal Kumar Atish Rohit Rajendra Jadhav
06-Sept-16 Pune Vidhyarthi Gruh (English Medium) Allen James Kumar Atish Rohit Rajendra Jadhav Yash Shah