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Pune Links

Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Traffic Police, Pune RTO (you can download forms for various licensing and registration matters), PMPML, Janwani's PMPML Guide

Pune CMP

Pune's Comprehensive Mobility Plan, from PMC's website.

RTO Maharashtra

Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Dept.  The "Statistics" section has some data on number of vehicles, accidents etc.


National Urban Transport Policy, April 2006.  Stresses that India should encourage pedestrianization, public transport and cycles; discourage use of personal vehicles via various means like expensive parking, limiting road space.

MoUD: Urban Transport

Ministry of Urban Development, Govt of India.  Provides service level benchmarks for urban transport, urban bus specifications, and a lot of assorted information.


Persons with Disabilities Act, Ch VIII.  Says "Establishments in the transport sector shall provide for traffic infrastructure that can be used by persons with disabilities".

Passing rates of driving tests in UK, Singapore are around 45-55%

Some towns in the world have free public transport!

Seoul pulled down a 6 km flyover to restore the river and the city

New York is prioritizing buses and pedestrians over personal cars