Beacon expressions!



BeaconNet is a virtual network of Beacons, Eminent citizens, of the society. SPTM values their opinions and appeals them:

  • Do motivate people in your domain of work/contact to participate in the movement of citizens.

  • Do extend the BeaconNet to other Beacons you know..

Let's spread the Light!



Here is what the Beacons of the society feel about SPTM

Dr. Vasant Gowarikar (Renowned Meteorologist, Member - Consultative Group of Eminent Senior Scientists, Govt of India)
Dr. Vijay Bhatkar  (Founder Executive Director, CDAC)

Mr.Arun Firodia (Chairman, Kinetic Engineering, Ltd.)
Mr. D. S. Kulkarni (Chairman & MD, DSK Group)
Mr. Ravi Pandit (Chairman, KPIT group)



In this society, there are many people who feel they should follow rules, but get oppressed and carried away by the aggression of the few. Such law abiding citizen can amply express their desire to follow rules (not only regarding the traffic, but the social law as a whole), through this medium of the poster "I follow traffic rules". Hence, all like-minded people will certainly come together around this theme that there are many other law abiding citizen. Hence, the movement will spread and it will start the process of reducing the indiscipline.

I am myself part of this movement. My best wishes for the movement!

Dr.Vasant Gowarikar


This movement is a highly commendable effort and a unique innovative way in which all responsible conscious citizens of Pune can participate easily and make a difference towards betterment of the condition of Pune traffic, which has become a huge problem affecting life of every Puneite. While All control methods seem to be making no difference, this movement attempts the prevention, rather than cure. It can become a unique participative experiment involving a large number of citizens and can also address other common problems later.

I support the movement and appeal all the citizens of Pune to support and do everything possible to spread the movement.

Dr.Vijay Bhatkar





The absence of traffic sense in Pune has been bothering me for some time.  Our traffic is unsafe for all of us and is actually embarrassing in front of guests who come from out of Pune.  Improving this traffic is clearly in our own hands.  There is much that we can do to make this happen.  It has, therefore, been our pleasure to be associated with Save Pune Traffic Movement.  I wish the movement all the best."  

Ravi Pandit
Chairman, KPIT group


Pune city traffic is becoming worse day by day mainly because of indiscipline & lack of road manners & traffic sense. No one seems to be bothered about traffic rules & take pleasure even to break them. The traffic police and some NGOs are trying their best to enforce rules & educate people. But it is really upto every person on the road to make a vow to observe rules and not break them at any point. It's the self improvement which is required to save Pune traffic. SPTM is doing a commendable job & I congratulate the team for for this Citizen's movement. My best wishes for the movement. May Pune city see safe & hassle free smooth traffic on its roads !

Mr.Arun Firodia


The feeling 'I can walk or drive safely' on road itself is fantastic. The peace of mind is an important thing while we are moving on the road. The road safety starts from myself. I will follow the road rules first. I think if everybody adopts this mentality, which is the theme behind this Movement, the safety on roads will easily become a reality.

Mr. D. S. Kulkarni