Contact Us

Please send us feedback about SPTM's philosophy, our website, any specific subject or issue that you can help us with. If you think some issue cannot be solved even after 50,000 responsible citizens unite, please bring it to our attention.

You may use any of the following 3 ways to contact us:

  • Use our Feedback form
  • Send us a mail at
  • Send us an SMS on +91-88880-41000 (Note: This phone is kept on silent mode. SMSs are checked a couple of times every day, so there may be a delay before we get back to you.  Thank you for our cooperation!)

Please note that SPTM is not a "complaint kiosk". We do not collect complaints from people to be forwarded to traffic police, PMC etc. However, the Road Transport Autority has a format if you want to complain about a specific incident with a rickshaw/ taxi/ bus. You can download it from here. Please note that SPTM has made this form available only for your convenience and SPTM will not have anything to do regarding your complaint.