What can I do

"What can I do by spending only 1-2 hrs every month?"

If you are not yet an SPTM member, please join SPTM so that you can participate in these programs.

Note that in many of these tasks, your burden will reduce if more people join a task! So please pick up a task yourself by writing to the contact person!

Task Description Contact
Meet PMC Ward officer once a month Discuss local issues like zebra stripes, P1-P2 signs and get them fixed.


SPTM Road Show We are planning a road show, where you can go to any location (park/ college/ company/ society...), display banners and explain them to people.


Train PMPML drivers We have a DVD for training. Show and explain it to PMPML drivers on one Sunday/ month.


Adopt 3-4 signals Survey 3-4 signals in your neighbourhood once a month. Call traffic police control room to record your complaints. Inform the SPTM contact person so that he keeps track of it.


Measure traffic discipline We are developing an index to numerically measure traffic discipline. You choose a place, take certain readings once a month and inform them to the coordinator.


Tune signal timings (This needs to be done in a burst of 3-4 hrs in a week.) A group of SPTM members surveys a signal and suggests adjustments in its signal cycle timings.


School workshops Go to a nearby school and explain traffic safety tips. We have some "standard" material that we go through, and you can contribute to it too.


Fund raising Suggest prospective donors and put us in touch with them. Meet a prospective donor and explain SPTM's plans.


Action with traffic cops This task is for all, not only for "Police Mitra"s. Choose a chowk and a time convenient to you. Accompany the traffic cops at the spot. But do understand some do-s and don't-s before you do this!


(More ideas coming up!) Watch this space. Please keep visiting regularly!
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