Visibility in Masses

Activity Owner: Ninad Patil

Description: "Visibility" is not branding or Marketing. However we need to spread the philosophy of SPTM faster and wider. Faster we reach, early would we reap the benefits for society at large. Many people have positive approach towards Pune'traffic scenario, but don't know what they can do as a responsible citizen.The whole idea is to be visible first, so that people can see and know us and later on join us to make the movement stronger.

We will hence not be shy of tapping all possible mediums to be visible. This includes print media, electronic and TV media, FM Radio channels, Banners & Hoardings and most importantly being visible on roads, either individually or collectively.

Join us in this activity, if you want to connect with influential authorities, celebrities or any type of media contacts and make us reach masses, quicker and deeper.

Status last updated on: 01-Oct-2010. 


Planned Details
Nov'10 Explore contacts and connect with celebrities and influential personalities to gain more reach through various media. 
Nov'10 Series of articles in various news papers including area wise supplements and commercial supplements.
Dec'10 Hoardings and banners after revamping "Mission 10 Pass"
Done Details
Jul'10 Hoarding design discussed in monthly meeting and finalised.
Mar-Apr'10 Series of articles on "Mission 10vi Pass" published in "Jaagar" section of Marathi daily news paper "Sakal".
Feb'10 Ideas for "Visibility" collected during AGM'10. Visibility volunteers group formed.


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