Reflective Tapes

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users in Pune.

Especially school students are the most vulnerable in evenings, because-

  • The light is fading
  • Traffic is high and people eager to go home
  • The students' shorter stature makes them less visible

Objective of the initiative

Distribute reflective, self-adhesive tapes to 20,000 school children in Pune, with a focus on municipal schools.  These tapes, pasted on their school bags/ cycles/ whatever they use in the evening, will make them more easily visible and hence safer.

What do we do

With support from <to identify>, we buy rolls of reflective tapes - the kind you see on the back of trucks etc.  We make "kits" from these tapes, by stapling a piece of the tape to an accompanying pamphlet and making packets of 30 such tapes.  We contact a school, fix a time and date, and distribute the tapes to children, typically 3rd std onwards.

So far we have done it in a few schools and have given such tapes to about 4,300 students till Jan-2014.  This year we plan to do it on a much larger scale.

How can you help?

You can help us organize a kit-making session, in your colony, in your child's school, or at the place you work.  It is a lot of fun!  A group of 8-10 people can assemble a thousand kits - enough for one large school - in just an hour!  Interested?

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Sujata Tilak, Asmita Indalkar.






01-Mar-2015:  The activity is paused for this academic year as the examination season has started.

15-Feb-2015:  Tapes given to 1300 children so far.

1. SNBP International School, Morwadi, Pimpri: 1000 tapes
2. Bloomingdale School, Narayangaon: 100 tapes
3. Bhairavnath Madhyamik School, Chakan: 280 tapes

In addition, "Building a Sense of Traffic" sessions were conducted in:
1. The Orchid School, Baner Road on 6th Jan 2015,
2. Sadhana Vidyalay, Hadpsar on 10th Jan 2015.

15-Nov-2014:  Groundwork completed.

15-Oct-2014:  Initiative is flagged off.  Leaders are identified.