The Strategy defines the ‘How’ part of the campaign i.e. how we plan to achieve the objectives stated earlier. Here are the major parts of the strategy regarding PTORT:


Strategy part

What it involves

Establishing Chaos as the Root Cause

Significant information has been obtained through RTIs and by documenting several experiences of NGOs with the governing authorities, to clearly establish that Chaos in planning and implementation is the root cause of the chaos on roads.

Vahatook Manthan

Focused and coordinated discussion sessions to arrive at a consensus regarding specific aspects of the traffic. (1) Sessions involving different citizen groups (2) Sessions also involving representatives of political parties as well as governing authorities.

Demand Generation

Garnering support from citizens and all types of citizen groups as well as political parties for getting ‘Pune Traffic on Right Track… by 201?

Getting Governance Units on board

Getting commitment to work for this campaign i.e. for the Objectives spelt in earlier section, as relevant to specific governance unit. What is expected is to set goals, make a comprehensive, integrated plan along with time bound milestones to achieve the same. and then of course acting on the implementing the plan.