PTORT - Objectives

The Core Objectives

  •  To force the definition of what is ‘Right
  •  To force the definition of ? in ‘201?’ (i.e. time bound goals)



Specific Objectives – 1: New Traffic Infrastructure Planning & Implementation


To force the definition of what is ‘Right’ for Pune Traffic ( with CMP as a reference ) 

  • Goals (in sync with CMP section 7.4) 
  • Actions: At a Macro & Micro level 
  • Who (responsibilities), Dependencies etc.
  • By when: Important milestones 




Specific Objectives – 2 : Traffic-Governance

To ensure effective policies, processes, planning & implementation, which are ‘Right’ for Pune Traffic, by

  • PMC: Roads, Signages, Signaling system
  • PTP: Enforcement & Regulation
  • RTO: Licensing, Permits, Training schools
  • PMPML: Effective Bus service
  • State Government: Effective & Timely decisions / actions

Hence the campaign demands a comprehensive definition of what is ‘Right’ for the Pune traffic in terms of the Goals and plans at a macro and micro level.

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